After that, Steve shows us to our room and tells us a little bit about the town and our room. He started off by telling us we had the biggest room/cabin available at the Ranch. We were lucky enough to get the cabin "Midnight Sun." It didn't look that big on the outside, but as soon as you open the door, there was a small sitting are. It had a couch, coffee table, 2 more chairs. Off to the right, in the corner, was a very small kitchen, even though we did not need it. To the left was the bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom consisted of a bear claw tub, sink, and pull chain toilet. Yes, a pull chain toilet. The tank of the toilet was about 6" from the ceiling. It was pretty cool, as I have never seen one, just in old movies. Now, back out of the bathroom, was our bedroom. It was very large and had 2 queen size beds in there, along with all of our gifts.

The gifts, are supposed to be a surprise, the only way we knew about them, was from the other websites that we visited. Even still, they throw different things in. We did each get a Stetson XXXXX Cowboy hat. We found out some people selling new ones for $120 each. Other things are smokes. That's another thing; you really don't need to bring any at all. They give each person 5 packs, but if you run out, they will give you more.

Well, after getting settled in and getting a drink from the saloon, we headed to our first activity. It was the orientation for horseback riding. We walked up past the livery and behind the horse stables. The wind was blowing and it was a cold wind. The instructors showed how to get on and off a horse and how to get it moving or to stop it. It lasted about 45 minutes or so. After that we could head back to our rooms or to the saloon for drinks, which is what we did.

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